Bypass Update – 20 January 2015

20 January 2015: Things are changing! The new bigger Bromham Road/Deep Spinney roundabout is advancing rapidly. The road to the north of the current roundabout is down to one lane, the other (the outer) being excavated; and the footpath north of Bromham Road has been diverted to the north of the new roundabout with a new crossing point from Deep Spinney, both with temporary surfaces.

The cycle underpass is now clearly visible as construction continues.

Bypass Update – 9 January 2015

9 January 2015: Into the New Year and work continues apace. The Bromham Road/Deep Spinney roundabout is really taking shape now and landscaping proposals for the new roundabout will be discussed by the Parish Council at a forthcoming meeting.

Work is pressing on too with the cycle underpass and the approach road to the roundabout from Bromham.

Bypass Update – 12 December 2014

12 December 2014: A mild December so far, and the race is on before the Xmas break (?).
The ‘cycleway underpass’  off the main entrance towards the ‘Baulk’ is progressing, and to the right hand side of the Baulk work is concentrating on the excavation/transfer of sand & gravel before the road foundation work can commence. The Clapham Road end site is also now established.

The Clapham Road end site is also now established.


Biddenham Future

A new page Biddenham future has been added to the blog’s main menu.

It will provide a record of Biddenham as it is before developments take place that will change the village in the future. Initially, it is covering the two major planning issues currently of particular interest to the village:

  • the proposed development of land north of Bromham Road; and
  • the submissions for development in Biddenham put forward for inclusion in the local plan for the Borough of Bedford in the period up to 2032.

Bypass Update – 24 November 2014

24 November 2014: The November weather now changeable, the heavy weekend rain revealing the clay soil prevalent around Bedfordshire. Work now concentrating on creating the ‘cycleway underpass’  off the main entrance towards the ‘Baulk’.

Work starting to gather pace north of Bromham Road, toward the Clapham.


Bypass update – October 2014

Bedford Western Bypass – work recommences

Work commenced at the Bromham Road/Deep Spinney roundabout end of the new Bedford Western Bypass on Thursday, 16 October 2014.

western-bypass_map_a5This phase of construction is the final link of the Bedford Western Bypass that links the A421 at Marsh Leys, Kempston to the A6 near Clapham. The road will provide the northern section of the Western Bypass linking the A6 Bromham Road/Deep Spinney Roundabout junction with the A6 Paula Radcliffe Way/A6 Clapham Road Roundabout junction and includes a bridge over the busy  main rail line.

More details are available at the main contractor’s website Breheny Civil Engineering

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»»» 25 October 2014
November approaching fast, the good weather allowing the early work to continue apace by the earth moving equipment – the main roadway (off the Bromham Road/Deep Spinney roundabout) clearly outlined as it bears right towards the A6 Clapham Road roundabout.

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»»» 28 October 2014
Work progressing fast in the fine late October weather, long may it continue.

Photos showing evidence of work at the A6 Clapham Road roundabout, early ground works opposite Biddenham Turn and a further expansion of work at the Bromham Road/Deep Spinney roundabout.

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»»» 31 October 2014
The last day of October 2014 – the fine weather goes on and progress continues unabated on the bypass.

The site head offices are installed on the corner of Bromham road and the Bromham Road/Deep Spinney roundabout.

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