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Bypass Update – 23 June 2015

23 June 2015: Lots of new signs and bollards and work is nearing completion at the Bromham Road/Deep Spinney roundabout. There is finishing and planting to be done, but the sore thumb is the large, stark section of fence, for noise abatement, near The Baulk, which is causing dismay and discontent in the village.

Our local councillors are in discussion with the Borough Council to try and identify a way of achieving the aims of the monstrous fence but in a way that sits more easily and aesthetically in the landscape.


Bypass Update – 1 June 2015

1 June 2015: Today is the first day of the British summer, as you can tell from the sky. But great changes around the new Bromham Road/Deep Spinney roundabout following the three weekend closures and subsequent work.

Bromham Church is peeping over the top of the fence erected on the Bromham side of the new section of road, and a taller fence is now being constructed on the Bedford side. New signs are going up, new lamp posts are in place, and fencing and barriers are in place around the entrances to the underpass. Work continues apace here and at the Sainsbury’s end of the new section of bypass where a very big new roundabout is taking shape.

Bypass Update – 10 May 2015

A quick walk over the bypass route from the Bromham Road end roundabout to the baulk intersection and beyond, clear signs now of the route and progress that has been achieved over the last few weeks.

Back up the baulk and through the cycle underpass already in use by weekend cyclists.

Bypass Update – 26 April 2015

26 April 2015: The first weekend closure at the Bromham Road/Deep Spinney roundabout and much work done and much new tarmac now laid. Work progressed speedily and the roundabout reopened to traffic earlier than expected at around 4.30 pm today. The cycle underpass was also passable to pedestrians viewing the weekend’s work.

Views around the Bromham Road/Deep Spinney roundabout:

Views around the next new roundabout along the new section of bypass where work continues:






Bypass update – 14 April 2015

Biddenham End (Site A)
Work ongoing in the fine April weather, the cycle underpass is moving ahead quickly and the main entrance off the new Bromham Road/Deep Spinney roundabout is clearly defined, down the ‘baulk’ and toward the Clapham Road end work is very much ongoing.

Clapham End (Site B)
Lots going on at the Clapham end of the bypass, the new roundabout is taking shape.

Bypass Update – 6 April 2015

6 April 2015: New month, new update. Much progress since the last update. Shiny new lampposts have been erected on the approaches to and round the new Bromham Road/Deep Spinney roundabout.

The area above the cycle underpass has been filled in and levelled and the road is now being constructed over it to run down to the next roundabout.

From that roundabout the road is taking shape as it continues on towards the  A6.

And through it all the flowers keep on blooming!

Bypass Update – 14 March 2015

14 March 2015: The final shape of things at the end of Deep Spinney is clear – the kerbing is more or less completed, the new island kerbing is in place and the footpath is being reinstated.

Side walls at the entrances at both ends of the cycle underpass are being constructed and the underpass itself is being covered in preparation for the construction of the road over it. The section of bypass beyond has tarmac already in place.

Bypass Update – 2 March 2015

2 March 2015: Some photographs from a recent walk round the Deep Spinney/Gold Lane/Bromham Road area of the bypass – work now progressing rapidly around the roundabout, the disruption to this busy section of the road is well ‘contained’ – down at the ‘baulk’, the roadway leading from the roundabout is now showing signs of tarmac, however the area leading towards the north of the Bromham Road area appears to be very much in the excavation stage.

Bypass – programme of work

24 February 2015: The entrance to Deep Spinney from Bromham Road is now also following the new road layout from the new roundabout.

Our two councillors have circulated a leaflet to residents setting out how works will progress over the next few weeks. Ultimately there will have to be road closures but these have been restricted to the weekends of:

  • 25/26 April (7.00 am Saturday to 8.00 pm Sunday for final surfacing of the Bromham Road/Deep Spinney roundabout and planing out the existing road surface on Bromham Road between Deep Spinney and the A428 Great Denham roundabout); and
  • 1/3 May and 8/10 May (8.00 pm Friday to 8.00 pm Sunday for resurfacing of and between the A428 Great Denham roundabout and Deep Spinney).

If changes have to be made to this programme there will be updates on two Borough Council web pages: