Pictures of Biddenham past

The photographs in this group were taken mostly more than 100 years ago, and they include postcards which were very popular at the time and of which there are many of Biddenham. If you have any you could share with us, please do contact us. Scroll over the pictures for details of their location in the village:

But we don’t know yet where in the village these next two photographs were taken – can you help? Most suggestions so far favour King’s Corner for the picture on the left.

The next group of photographs is from a brochure produced in the late 1950s for the development of the Biddenham Turn Estate, what we know now as Darlow Drive and Elger Close:

Some more views of old Biddenham on postcards:

Another collection of old photos of the village, again many on postcards (with thanks too to John Wainwright):

The church:

The pub:

And round and about:

Probably not in the village but in Queen’s Park, the dairy was based in Bromham Road:

2 thoughts on “Pictures of Biddenham past”

  1. My father’s sister was Edith Church, wife of Albert Church. Her maiden name was Pestell, born in Kimbolton.

    I have the book, Recollections of my life in Biddenham by Uncle Alb and apart from the photograph on the front, there are no others except for the photograph of him on the first page. If you need either, I can scan them in and send them.

    Ann Hammant at

    1. Hi, Ann, and thank you for getting in touch. Your Uncle Albert led an interesting life and his recollections really add to the record of life in Biddenham past.

      That is a very kind offer – we have the front cover picture in the gallery but a scan of the book front cover itself would be good to include together with the picture of Albert himself. Could you let us know please the dates of his birth and death which we could then add to his picture.

      Thanks again

      Best wishes


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