Update: May 2018

Rear view from The Paddock

Update: January 2018

Update: 4 October 2017
8 Main Road demolished!


Update: 1 September 2017
After due consideration, and despite widespread objections, the planning committee approved this application following adjustments to the height and nature of the front boundary. It is also regrettable that, when considering applications in Biddenham for demolition and replacement with larger properties, officers now regularly cite the existence of previously approved large developments in Main Road and Biddenham Turn as justification, even though ‘precedence’ is not recognised in local planning law

Planning application 17/01738/FUL
seeks approval to demolish the existing property at 8 Main Road and replace it with a new dwelling of substantial size and contemporary design.

 The replacement would have three floors against the two at present, with a prominent double depth crown roof and a footprint three and a half times the existing.

The architectural style and mass are not replicated in other properties on Main Road, which is more typified by single houses of varying character which do not detract from their surroundings.

The roadside boundary of the site fronts the Biddenham Conservation area, and any development will therefore have a significant impact on the special character of this pretty part of Biddenham, and on the setting of the grade 2 listed building opposite.

The society believes the proposed replacement building is not contextually appropriate in respect of size, scale, massing, architectural character, relationship with nearby buildings, and alignment and treatment of the setting, and has recommended that planning permission is refused.


  1. Correction: the HMO licensing only applies to rented houses, which these ‘hotels’ are unlikely to be. My apologies.

  2. The construction of a massive new house (reminiscent of a hotel) at 8 Main Road is yet another example of a new home being built to house, presumably, many people and potentially several generations of a family. They will only pay one amount of Council Tax per house, not per person as the system should be. This is effectively an abuse of the Borough Council’s tax system.

    Such ‘hotels’ destroy the architectural, rural and cultural heritage of Biddenham – yet the irony is that the attractions of our village are the reason that the new residents want to live here!

    These new residents, in my experience, rarely participate in village activities and societies. The large gates of many of the new houses suggest no wish to engage with existing residents. The newcomers are (I consider) takers, not givers.

    We must do more to ensure that any new construction projects are in keeping with, not detract from, Biddenham’s unique character. The Biddenham Society does a great job in commenting on or fighting new planning applications, but they cannot do it alone. Every single resident who values this village must respond immediately (as they see fit) to new planning applications. Otherwise we will be the silent majority and yet more ‘hotels’ will be built. Who wants this?

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