Biddenham Society opposes Church End application

Application 16/03531/FUL seeks approval for a radical re-shaping of the 1930’s detached house at 33 Church End to include one and two storey front, side and rear extensions.

The Biddenham Society has lodged an objection to this proposal on the following grounds:

  1. the volume, massing and detail of the proposed alterations have little regard for the special character and visual qualities of the Conservation Area;
  2. the relationship of the proposed alterations to adjacent buildings is not contextually appropriate, virtually infilling the site with the loss of through views and open space and resulting in considerable impact on the Conservation Area;
  3. the exclusively traditional subservient roof forms which characterise Church End have been ignored;
  4. the 3D image presented showing the crown roof loses the massing of the roof in the low perspective view point, which would not be the case at eye level travelling along Church End in either direction;
  5. the positive contribution made by the original building to the Conservation Area has been subsumed and cannot be identified; and
  6. no reference is made to the boundary treatment in the plans as an element which has been identified as contributing to the Conservation Area.

A decision on the application is awaited.

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Update – 29th June 2017
The application was subsequently refused by the planning authority.

2 thoughts on “Biddenham Society opposes Church End application”

  1. In trying to wade through the Borough Council website, I thought it said “Permission Refused” on 2 Feb 2017 ….? Can somebody confirm whether this planning application is still live or not?

    Peter Leverkus

    1. Response from the Biddenham Society: Yes, the application was refused on 2 February. The catch-up post on the blog was included for readers to see what action the Society had taken. Now the new arrangement for publicity via this blog is in place, up and running, we will post information at the time we make any objections or comments on future applications.

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