Bromham Road/Biddenham Turn …

Bromham Road Works 2016 08 15A1-1I decided that I had forgotten some items when I went to shopping earlier in the day and thought that as Sainsbury’s were open until 11.00pm it would be more convenient to me to get them whilst I remembered although it was about 9.30pm.  When I drove out of Darlow Drive I found that the road was closed so I had to drive through the village and turned up Gold Lane towards the new bypass and was astonished to find an X5 bus coming in the other direction and had to pull in to the side and stop to allow him to pass.  He had obviously taken the wrong turn at the Deep Spinney roundabout.  How he eventually turned the bus round I have no idea but he was nowhere to be seen when I returned after making my purchases.  I then thought that I would wander out on the Bromham Road to see how the work was progressing and found a hive of activity.  There was this large machine digging up the road at the junction of Bromham Road & Biddenham Turn and sending the spoil through a long spout into the back of a large pickup truck all under the glare of extra lighting.  I stood there fascinated for some time and then thought that I should to take a photo of it for the Blog hence this picture …

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