Cowslip Meadow – planning for the future

Some information was given about the meadow at the environment day in the churchyard as the site is next door. image2I would like to explore further ideas I have for managing the meadow for the community – it is owned by the Borough and they have indicated their willingness to be approached by a community “friends” group. We would need a constitution and set up a body to receive grant aid but would be able to get help and advice on this.
–  The meadow is a site for wild flowers, has a wet area, some shrubs and small trees.
–  We would need to get the grass cut once a year as we do now with Borough cooperation and may need to source funds to buy a conservation mower to help with the management. The Parish Council has a strimmer already.
–  The meadow could do with a ‘ragwort pull’ so that grass cut as hay can be used to feed livestock.

I would like to host a meeting on site on Saturday afternoon July 2nd meet by the church at 2pm. Please come along to help ensure the survival of this important local nature reserve.

Chris Jones

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  1. That’s a great idea. I wish you luck with that. Is their still a remnant of the beautiful old Elm that used to be there ?

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