Easter Monday on the bypass with ‘Katie’

Walking the new western bypass from Biddenham to Bedford on a sunny Easter Monday afternoon with Storm Katie’s tailwinds behind us was a pleasure.

It was a bit tougher on the return journey with Katie’s winds trying to hold us back. And the errant BBQ wasn’t fired up so no chance of refreshments to help us on our way.

But not long now till a peaceful walk along that route will be disturbed by the traffic for which the bypass was designed.


2 thoughts on “Easter Monday on the bypass with ‘Katie’”

  1. Thanks so much for posting these photos – very informative. But isn’t the road narrow? How many years (months?) will it be before the Borough Council realises the new road should have been made much wider – and maybe even a dual carriageway?

    1. Yes, it is – and as far as your second question is concerned it’s a case of watch this space, or perhaps lack of space!

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