Bypass Update – 23 June 2015

23 June 2015: Lots of new signs and bollards and work is nearing completion at the Bromham Road/Deep Spinney roundabout. There is finishing and planting to be done, but the sore thumb is the large, stark section of fence, for noise abatement, near The Baulk, which is causing dismay and discontent in the village.

Our local councillors are in discussion with the Borough Council to try and identify a way of achieving the aims of the monstrous fence but in a way that sits more easily and aesthetically in the landscape.


5 thoughts on “Bypass Update – 23 June 2015”

  1. Understand your point about graffiti and fly posting, that feels like a deeper societal issue requiring more policing and consequence., but I digress.

  2. Mark, Peter – I agree with both points of view here, hopefully the ‘hard’ landscaping (fencing etc, as we see it now) will be softened with some trees, shrubs etc …

    1. That is a point that has been made, effectively that if there is no option but the fence remains then it should be softened with planting, which might also help mask it from unwelcome interference.

  3. Not sure why there is dismay and from whom about a natural wood structure. Would be good to understand how many people are dismayed. I am more dismayed by all the street furniture, signage and huge lighting towers to be honest.

    1. Hi, Mark, and thank you very much for your interest and comment. Whilst we can’t quote an exact figure, we are aware of a number of villagers who are concerned about the odd-looking stretch of tall fence and have expressed that concern to the Council. An equivalent metal fence might have aroused even more concern but the fact that the current fence is a natural wood structure does not make it any less obtrusive or less readily accessible to fly posters or to graffiti in due course. Have you expressed your dismay about the street furniture, etc, to the Council? The earlier the comments perhaps the more likely ameliorating action might be possible?

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