Opening of the Biddenham Heritage Trail


To what?  Why the opening of the Biddenham Heritage Trail of course on Saturday18 April at 11.00am at King’s Corner, Main Road.  Festivities will commence at 10.30am with entertainment by some of the talented musicians from Biddenham Upper School under the direction of their tutor Georgina Murphy.  Our current (but then prospective candidate) Member of Parliament Alistair Burt will formally open the trail at 11.00 am.

There will be balloons for the children and trail maps for everyone, with the different routes colour coded and identified by waymarkers.

Other heritage trails exist but not like ours!  The Biddenham version really will be a bit special – but then, so is Biddenham!   As you follow the trail and any of the three optional extensions (for the energetic) see how many of the natural and man-made features of great historical interest you can identify.  Over 30 of these are illustrated in full colour on the six information boards which will be positioned around the village and the surrounding area, in the form of reproductions of a selection of the 54 original paintings done specially for the occasion by village artists.

>>> click here for further details from the 2014 Biddenham Society AGM

We want this to be a real family event, so bring the children and/or grandchildren, and take the Heritage Challenge.  This is in the form of a special Family Trail Questionnaire, the answers to which can all be found by following the main Anniversary route of about 1.5 miles in length through the historical parts of Biddenham.  There is no need to go further afield.  Some questions are easy (children) and some more difficult (adults) – or should it be the other way round?  Prizes donated by local organisations will be awarded for correct or near-correct entries. The questionnaires will be available immediately following the opening ceremony, but if you can’t spare the time to take the challenge on the day itself you will have a week in which to do so and to submit your family entry.

Come on!  Note the date, and help give this initiative a flying start.

Tony Wood               


Founded in 1965 by a group of concerned residents, The Biddenham Society remains committed to the continued preservation of the beauty, history, character and heritage of the village.