Bypass Update – 8 February 2015

8 February 2015: More big changes. Traffic lights are being put in place in Bromham Road as and when required by the particular work taking place, to control the flow of traffic heading to the Bromham Road/Deep Spinney roundabout from the east and the west.

Old traffic islands have been dismantled and new ones are being constructed on the new sections of road approaching the new roundabout. The old roundabout too is being dismantled as tarmac is being laid to enable Bromham Road traffic to be diverted in the near future around the north of the new roundabout. This will then enable the southern side of the new roundabout and the exit/entrance to Deep Spinney to be constructed.

Our local councillors are seeking a public meeting for Biddenham residents to hear what is proposed for managing traffic in and out of the Deep Spinney junction as that construction takes place and its implications for traffic through the village. (See the response below to a comment from Mark for more up to date information)

2 thoughts on “Bypass Update – 8 February 2015”

  1. Thank you for the update. Look forward to the meeting. We must absolutely do everything we can to ensure only legitimate local traffic comes into the village, and in my view that shouldn’t include Biddenham School traffic either.

    1. Thank you, Mark. Our local councillors have now met the contractors and Borough Council officers to discuss a programme of works that would minimise disruption for villagers. They are awaiting a revised schedule and will then arrange a public meeting and leafleting of households.

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