3 thoughts on “0BE14D9F-0185-4374-B932-E05822E92A39”

  1. I was surprised to see the pub name spelled as Tons, not Tuns. A tun is a measure of volume, such as in beer casks – “The tun (Old English : tunne, Latin : tunellus, Middle Latin : tunna) is an English unit of liquid volume (not weight), used for measuring wine, oil or honey. Typically a large vat or vessel, most often holding 252 wine gallons, but occasionally other sizes (e.g. 256, 240 and 208 gallons) were also used”. I’m sure the pub sign shows 3 barrels, doesn’t it? Peter

    1. I think we can take it that whoever inscribed the caption on the postcard heard it/got it wrong. An 1884 map of the village shows it as The Three Tuns. I hope, Peter, that takes a weight off your mind.

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